VCU departmental affiliation:
Center for Environmental Studies

Office: (804) 828-7202, Room 104-C
Hours: By appointment

Ph.D.  Dhaka University, 1998.  Dissertation: Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Fold Belt of Bengal Basin.
M.Sc. (Geology), Dhaka University, 1986
B.Sc. (Geology), Dhaka University, 1984

Courses taught at VCU:
ENVS 591 Sediments in large river systems

Research interests:

  • Fluvial Sedimentology
  • Characterization of sediments in regards to environmental pollution
  • Paleo-environmental reconstruction
  • Geochemistry of compactional anisotropy in the argillaceous sequence
  • Catastrophic events preserved in the stratigraphic succession

Recent publications/abstracts/presentations:
Mattias von Brömssen, Sara Häller Larsson, Prosun Bhattacharya, M Aziz Hasan, Kazi Matin Ahmed, M Jakariya, Mohiuddin A Sikder, Ondra Sracek, Annelie Bivén, Barbora Doušová, Claudio Patriarca, Roger Thunvik, Gunnar Jacks (2008), Geochemical characterisation of shallow aquifer sediments of Matlab Upazila, Southeastern Bangladesh - Implications for targeting low-As aquifers. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, volume 99, issue 1-4, pp. 137-49.

M. Aziz Hasan, Mattias von Brossen, Prosun Bhattacharya, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Arif  Mohiuddin Sikder, Gunnar Jacks & Ondra Sracek (2008), Geochemistry and Mineralogy of shallow alluvial aquifers in Daudkandi upzila in the Meghna Flood Plain, Bangladesh. Environmental Geology, volume 57, issue 3, pp. 499-511.

A. M. Sikder, M. H. Khan, A. Hasan & K. M. Ahmed (2006), Mineralogical characteristics of sediments and arsenic enrichment in groundwater. In: "Natural Arsenic in Groundwater" published by Balkema Publishers, The Netherlands.

Arif Mohiuddin Sikder and M. Mustofa  Alam (2003), 2-D Modeling Of The Anticlinal Structures And Structural Development Of The Eastern Fold Belt Of The Bengal Basin, Bangladesh. Journal of Sedimentary Geology, volume 155, issues 3-4, pp. 179-208.

Arif Mohiuddin Sikder and Manzurul Haque Khan (2002), Mitigating of Arsenic Contamination in Ground Water in Rural Setting: An Action Research. A research monograph published by Programme for Research on Poverty Alleviation [PRPA], Grameen Trust.

M. Bhattacharjee, S. Sultana, A. Hasneen, M. S. Islam, M. Alauddin., M. Fiasconaro, S.       Alauddin, A. Hussam, and A.M. Sikder (2003). Speciation of arsenic in  bore-hole sediment leachate and groundwater of Bangladesh. 7th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (7th ICOBTE), Special Symposium, Arsenic in Soil and Groundwater Environments: Biogeochemical Interactions, Uppsala, Sweden, June 15-19, 2003.

D. Chowdhury1, M. Bhattacharya1, H. Bibi1, S. Begum1, M. S. Islam1, M. Alauddin, M. Fiasconaro2, A. Hussam, A.M. Sikder (2002). Speciation of Arsenic In Sediment Leachate By Chromatographic Separation And Flow Injection Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Fourth International Conference 2002 on: Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water in Bangladesh: Cause, Effect and Remedy, Dhaka Community Hospital With Support from Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) and Sustainable Environmental Management Programme (SEMP) (UNDP funded Programme) 12-13 January, 2002.

Hossain Md Anwar, Junji Akai, Kikuo Kato, Syed Safiullah and Arif Mohiuddin Sikder(2001). Arsenic Geochemistry In Ground Water And Sediments Of Bangladesh: Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio And Fluorescence Study. Published in the proceedings of Asia Arsenic Network and Research Group for Applied Geology, Japan.

Arif Mohiuddin Sikder, (1995). Structure and Tectonics  of Bengal Basin. Abstract published in the Proceeding of the First Geological Congress of Geological Society of Nepal, 1995.

Arif Mohiuddin Sikder, (1992), Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Folded Belt of Bengal Basin. Presented at the First SARRC Geological Conference, February 1992, Islamabad, Pakistan.