Stephen McIninch, Ph.D.


Contact: (804) 827-0090
Office: Trani Life Sciences Bldg, Room B-039
Hours: TBA

VCU departmental affiliation:
• Center for Environmental Studies (Professor, Fish Biology)

Ph.D. (Marine-Estuarine Env Sci) Univ. of Maryland System, May 1994
M.S. (Marine-Estuarine Env. Sci) Univ. of Maryland System, May 1988
B.S. (Biology) Roanoke College, May 1983

Courses taught at VCU:
• BIOL 503 Fish Biology (graduate)
• ENVS 330 Environmental Pollution
• ENVS 603 Environmental Research Methods

Research Interests:

Biological integrity and assessment of riverine assemblages and their environments. Water quality, habitat degradation, and biopollution and its effects on aquatic communities. The ecology, life history and biogeography of riverine fishes.

Recent Literature:

Balazik, MT, GC Garman, MT Fine, CH Hager, and SP McIninch. 2010. Changes in age composition and growth characteristics of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus) over 400 Years. Biol. Letters. 6:708-710.

Viverette, C.B., GC Garman, S McIninch, A.C. Markham, BD Watts, and S.A. Macko. 2007. Finfish-waterbird trophic interactions in tidal freshwater tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Waterbirds. 30 (Sp. Publ. 1):50-62.

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