Contact: (804) 828-7278
Trani Life Sciences Building
Room 203

VCU departmental affiliation:
Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Studies

Ph.D. (Aquatic Zoology/Interdisciplinary Science) University of Alabama, 2007
M.S. (Fisheries Science) Penn State University, 2001
B.S. (Biology/Geology) Wittenberg University, 1997

Courses taught at VCU:
• ENVS 490 Research Seminar in Environmental Studies

Research interests:
• Macroecology
• River ecology
• Fish ecology
• Ecological modeling
• Ecosystem services
• Natural resource management & policy

Recent publications/abstracts/presentations:
McGarvey, D.J. and J.M. Johnston. In press. A Simple method to predict regional fish abundance: an example in the McKenzie River Basin, Oregon. Fisheries.

Johnston, J.M., D.J. McGarvey, M.C. Barber, G. Laniak, J. Babendreier, R. Parmar, K. Wolfe, S.R. Kraemer, M. Cyterski, C. Knightes, B. Rashleigh, L. Suarez, and R. Ambrose. 2011. An Integrated process-based modeling system for performing multi-scale ecosystem assessments: application to ecosystem services in the Albemarle-Pamlico Basins (NC, USA). Ecological Modeling 222(14):2471-2484.

McGarvey, D.J. 2011. Quantifying icthyofaunal zonation and species richness along a 2,800 km reach of the Rio Chama and Rio Grande (U.S.A.). Ecology of Freshwater Fish 20(2):231-242.

McGarvey, D.J., J.M. Johnston, and M.C. Barber. 2010. Predicting fish densities in lotic systems: a simple modeling approach. Jouranl of the North American Benthological Society 29(4):1212-1227.

McGarvey, D.J. and G.M. Ward. 2008. Scale dependence in the species-discharge relationship for fishes of the southeastern U.S.A. Freshwater Biology 53(10):2206-2219.

McGarvey, D.J. 2007. Merging precaution with sound science under the Endangered Species Act. BioScience 57(1):65-70.

McGarvey, D.J. and B. Marshall. 2005. Making sense of scientists and "sound science":truth and consequences for endangered species in the Klamatah Basin and beyond. Ecology Law Quarterly 32(1):73-110.

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