E-mail: tmkelly2@vcu.edu

VCU departmental affiliation:
Center for Environmental Studies

External affiliation:
Senior Engineer
Golder Associates

Ph.D., PE(Civil and Environmental Engineering) Florida State, 2001
M.S. (Civil Engineering) Florida State, 1994
B.S. (Environmental Engineering) University of Florida, 1992

Courses taught at VCU:
• ENVS 591-905 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
• ENVS 655-901 Hydrogeology
• ENVS 541-901 Principles of Waste Management

Research interests:
• Contaminant Fate and Transport
• Groundwater Flow Hydrology
• Air Quality Modeling
• Solid Waste Engineering

Recent publications/abstracts/presentations:

Whitlock, Ian and T.M. Kelly. 2010. Relationship Between Subsurface Landfill Gas and Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater. Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation, Spring 2010.

Caspary, J.R., T.M. Kelly, and K.S. Tawfiq. 1999. Containment and Control of Low-Level Radioactive and Industrial Wastes at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station Superfund Site. Proceedings of the 1999 ASCE Conference, Orlando, FL

Kelly, T. M., Dzurik, A.D., and D. Leszczynksa. 1998. Water and Soil Contamination from Auto Slavage Facilities and their Regulations. Proceeding of the Fourth International Symposium and Exhibition on Environnmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe, Warsaw, Poland.

Kelly, T.M., Dzurik, A.D., and D. Leszczynska. 1999. Stromwater Runnoff Effects of Florida's Automobile Salvage Yards. Proceedings of the 1999 ASCE Water Resources Planning and Management Conference Tempe, Arizona.

Kelly, T.M. and J. Caspary. 2002. Non-Point Source Discharges on the Sediments in a Stormwater Treatment Area. Submitted to Journal of Envronmental Engineering. Currently in revision.

Kelly, T.M. and J.W. Winchester. 2005. Can Hazardous Waste Sites be Breached by Future Climate Change? Journal of Environmental Engineering, May 2005.

Kelly, T.M. and J. Wright. 2002. Air Sparaging Performance Evaluation in Florida. National Ground Water Association, Proceedings from the Petroleum Remediation Conference, pp. 271-280. Atlanta, Georgia.

Kelly, T.M. 2001. Determination of Factors that Influence Wetting Front Instability in Unsaturated Porous Media. PhD dissertation, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.

Kelly, T.M., M. Annable and J. Caspary. 2000. Remediation of Fuel Site SS-15b--the Former Flightline Pumphouses. Proceedings of 2000 Florida Remediation Conference. Orlando, Florida.