Contact: (804) 828-1574

VCU departmental affiliation:
• Director, Center for Environmental Studies
• Associate Professor, Department of Biology
• Research Director, VCU Rice Center for the Environmental Life Sciences

NSERC Fellowship, Dept of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, St. Johns, Newfoundland, 1985
Ph.D. (Zoology) University of Maine, Orono 1984
M.S. (Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences) VA Tech, 1980
B.S. (Biology) Millersville, University of Pennsylvania, 1978

Courses taught at VCU:
• Fish biology (graduate)
• Community ecology (graduate)

Research interests:
• Ecology of large coastal rivers
• Biology of migratory fishes
• Effects of urbanization on stream ecosystems

Recent publications/abstracts/presentations:
Schlosser, R, M. Fabrizio, G. Garman, R. Greenlee, and M. Groves. 2010. Blue catfish ecology and management. Chapter 6 In Conservation, Ecology, and Management of Worldwide Catfish Populations and Habitats. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda

Balazik, M., G. Garman, C. Hager, and S. McIninch. 2010. Changes in Atlantic sturgeon life history in the James River, Virginia over 400 years. Biology Letters 10:2010-2014.

MacAvoy, S., G. Garman, S. Macko. 2009. Anadromous fish as marine nutrient vectors. Fishery Bulletin 107:165-174.

Viverette, C., G. Garman, S. McIninch, B. Watts, S. Macko. In Press. Finfish-Waterbird trophic interactions in Tidal Freshwater Tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, Waterbirds.

Garman, C. and D. Orth 2007. Fish Kills in the Shenandoah Basin. Report of the Schenandoah Science Team to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Webb, S., G. Garman, S. McIninch. T. Nerad, M. Peglar, P. Gillevet, B. Brown. 2004. Etiology of ulcerative lesions of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) from the James River, Virginia. Parasitology Research 97:358-366.

Selected Grants and Contracts:
FishAmerica Foundation; PI. Artificial reef construction to support Atlantic sturgeon recovery in the James River, Virginia (2010-2011) $50K.

NOAA; Co-PI. Fisheries-avian trophic interactions in Chesapeake Bay and its major Virginia tributaries (2006-2010) $450K

Malcolm-Pirnie; PI. Risk assessment for targeted migratory fishes in the Mattaponi River, Virginia (2006-2009) $556K

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and Virginia Environmental Quality; PI. Probabilistic Assessment of stream fish assemblages in Virginia (2006-2011) $451K

Recent Appointments:
2010 Science and Technical Advisory Committee for the Chesapeake Bay (STAC); 2010 Virginia Water Supply Plan Working Group; 2007 Academic Advisory Committee, Virginia DEQ

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