VCU departmental affiliation:
Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Studies and Department of Biology

Office: (804) 828-2732, Room: B-016, Trani Center for Life Sciences
Hours: By appointment

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
M.S. Frostburg State University
B.S. Wilkes University

Courses taught at VCU:
BIOL 545/LFSC 510 Biological Complexity

Research interests:
• Community ecology
• Evolutionary ecology
• Physiological ecology
• Macroecology and Macrophysiology
• Plant-animal interactions

Research publications:
Agosta, S.J., J. Bernardo, G. Ceballos, and M. A. Steele. 2013. A macrophysiological analysis of energetic constraints on geographic range size in mammals. PLoS ONE, in press.

Agosta, S.J. and J. Bernardo. 2013. New macroecological insights into functional constraints on mammalian geographical range size. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences. 280: 20130140.

Yi, X., Y. Yang, R. Curtis, A. W. Bartlow, S. J. Agosta, and M. A. Steele. 2012. Alternative strategies of seed predator escape by early-germinating oaks in Asia and North America. Ecology and Evolution 2: 487-492.

Agosta, S.J., N. Janz, and D. B. Brooks. 2010. How specialists can be generalists: resolving the "parasite paradox" and implications for emerging infectious disease. Zoologia 27: 151-162.

Agosta, S.J. and J. A. Klemens. 2009. Resource specialization in a phytophagous insect: no evidence for genetically-based performance trade-offs across hosts in the field or laboratory. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22: 907-912.

Agosta, S.J. and J. A. Klemens. 2008. Ecological fitting by phenotypically flexible genotypes: implications for species associations, community assembly, and evolution. Ecology Letters 11: 1123-1134.

Agosta, S.J. 2008. Fitness consequences of host use in the field: temporal variation in performance and a life history trade-off in the moth Rothschildia lebeau (Saturniidae). Oecologia 157: 69-82.

August 5, 2013